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This set is Excessive. Gilded Columns and the midnight blue of the night adorned with stars, welcome you. Colorful figures guard the pages you create. Excessive is what is is, so if you like Excess then you will like this set.

This set is available to personal web site builders as linkware. Please familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use.

If you have a commercial website and wish to use this set please see the Terms of Service for purchase information.

This set is configured in nested tables and some knowledge of HTML and table set up will help. If you are not comfortable with tables and the arrangement of images therein, but still wish to use this set just delete myaccent text here and replace it with your own. But leave all else as it is - do not delete any images or any of the markup.

In doing so you will need to adjust the height of the page to suit the amount of text you will have or you will show a large open area at the base.

You will in any case, want to pay special attention to the height of your page. The column on your right will tile to meet the height of the page but only with a bit of diligence will the tiling be evenly distributed, without the flower being cut off.

A good WYSIWYG Editor such as Dreamweaver will help.

The header graphic is available in the zip file with or without text. If you prefer to place the title of your site where I have placed the "Welcome" text you are free to do so. The image that says "your page title here" is also without text in the zip file.

The images used to create this set were obtained from a Dover royalty free pictorial archive, scanned and then colored in Photoshop.

accentThe home back and next text at the bottom is an image file and may be cut up or mapped to add your links to.

Please download this set via the zip files and upload them to your server. Please do not link to mine.

A linkback to is required on each page this set is used.

Please do not take this set apart and use the images indiscriminately. This is a set and is meant to be used as such.

Downloading the zip file constitutes your agreement with the Terms of Use. I trust you will honor my copyright as well. This set is copyright 2001 Point of Focus Designs and may not be reproduced or added to another collection.

Download the zip file here.

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Point of Focus Designs

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